Praise Token Inc. | October 2022

5 min readNov 1, 2022

Praise is Currency with a Conscience™ — a love-powered inflationary token designed to elevate the world. In this issue: Praise Alpha Market™ | The Marketplace | NFTLA ’23 | Praise Media | Giveaways, and more! Thanks for being here. We love you! 💜

Hi there,

This is Jesse, the Founder of Praise Token and the Praise Pals™ metaverse. Welcome to November. As we look ahead, we should also take note of our many accomplishments over the past month. Here’s what we did in October.

Love, Peace, & Praise, J


Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator of Praise

Praise Alpha Market™

Alpha Market is our invite-only community-driven NFT marketplace. Trading NFTs from highly ranked collections like BAYC and Doodles is a prerequisite for joining. Members receive a Praise Gold Card, which grants access to pre-sale NFT launches, exclusive art exhibits, and private events in the Hollywood Hills. New verified traders from top collections are applying daily. Join us!

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Praise Pals™ Marketplace

We’re constantly thinking about the user experience. We’re happy the Pals are accessible on a third-party site like Opensea, but we also wanted a streamlined option for our core users.

We’re pleased to announce the Official Praise Pals™ Marketplace, another integration with our friends at Origin Protocol.

We’ve added new features, like visibility into the distribution of holders, high-conviction holders, rankings by wallet, and more. The marketplace is also linked on our main website.

Visit the Marketplace

Strategic Marketing & Events for Web3

We recently hired Alicia Corven, the former Executive Producer of Worldwide Events from Apple, to lead experiential initiatives. In September, we also announced Praise Media, the third pillar of our business. Due to our longtime connections in LA, we have a unique offering. We host exclusive private events in the Hollywood Hills. Our next event will coincide with NFTLA 2023, the week of March 20th, as a private nightlife experience.

If your company needs strategic marketing for Web3, ROI-measured exposure at conferences, or soup-to-nuts management of a private branded party, please complete our quick intake form.

We work on retainer, but every contract is unique. We’re currently onboarding clients for the rest of Q4, and Q1 of next year. Now is the time to prepare for a successful 2023. Don’t wait!

Work with Us

A New Kind of Currency

We just re-released a heartfelt video from our founder on YouTube. It digs deeper into the mission behind Praise Token. We’ll give you a hint. It’s about joy.

Watch the Video

Partners and Sponsors

Please enjoy the curated opportunities below, chosen carefully by our partnerships team.

Praiseland Metaverse Loot Box Giveaway

Join our latest contest for a chance to win a FREE Praise Pals character, a VIP Gold Card, or a Genesis Loot Box for the creation of our social metaverse, Praiseland. Good luck!

Join the Giveaway

Award Pool

Award Pool helps brands and creators gamify their marketing campaigns with custom tasks to build, engage, and monetize their communities. Fans can participate in challenges, earn points, and redeem NFT-based rewards through a custom designed white-label widget.

We love this solution. We decided to use it ourselves because it ties into Praise Credits, our upcoming non-crypto digital currency.

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See our integration and start earning Pal Points™

NFTLA 2023

For four days on March 20th-23rd — get connected, co-create and experience an NFT community with thousands of the world’s Web3 leaders, investors, brands, enthusiasts, and experts. Explore the City of Angels, immerse yourself in LA’s robust nightlife, and journey into its new role as a global conduit for the adoption of Web3 in sports, music, art, and entertainment.

Praise was a major sponsor last year. For 2023, our agency is helping with partnerships. If you want to sponsor, exhibit, or co-create NFTLA with us, set up a call. [$10K budget or higher, please].

Then, grab Earlybird tickets below. We can’t wait to see you there!

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We hope you enjoyed these updates. Thank you for spending your valuable time with us today. Love, Peace, and Praise. 🤟✌🙏

P.S. For exposure in our newsletter (20,000+ Web3 fans), a featured segment on Twitter Spaces (1,000+ listeners), a collaboration at our next event (Hollywood Hills), or to hire our agency as your strategic marketing partner, please complete our intake form.

As an organization, Praise is always interested in speaking with investors, brands, event partners, Web3 projects, and NFT artists. Say hi! 🙏