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2 min readSep 8, 2022


Prior to focusing on Praise, I operated LaunchTeam, our marketing agency. We’ve been running LaunchTeam for nearly 7 years. Over that time, we…

  • Helped 50+ companies go to market in the blockchain space — and those companies have raised $500M+ from investors.​
  • Launched dozens of bestselling books written by 7, 8, and 9-figure entrepreneurs.
  • Incubated our own internal Web3 project, Praise.​

Praise is a big idea. We’re designing a new digital currency from scratch, predicated on love. The company has 3 main pillars.​

  1. Gaming
  2. Tech
  3. Media

Praise Media

Today, LaunchTeam is merging with Praise to power the media pillar of our business. This doesn’t change anything for the LaunchTeam community of 15,000+ founders, investors, and thought-leaders. The agency will just be singularly focused on powering the Praise Media ecosystem moving forward. This means we’re seeking Web3 projects as clients and partners.

​Calling all Web3 companies, Brands, and NFT artists. You’re on the menu. Here are a few things we can do for you. We can…

  • Bring your company to market through curated live events
  • Create branded compilation videos for your use in digital marketing
  • Connect you with top conference producers, like NFTLA
  • Give you access to our audience of 50K+ across Twitter, Discord, and Email
  • Run contests for you to grow your audience on Twitter Spaces and beyond
  • Launch your next Web3-focused book

​We can also help you with digital ad campaigns and PR through our trusted partners. If you’re a capitalized Web3 founder, investor, or CMO, get in touch from our website.

With love and respect,


Jesse Tevelow

Founder of Praise