The Praise Pals™ Minting Event. A 10-Year Journey to the Future

2 min readApr 12, 2022

It’s finally here. The Praise Pals™ NFT Drop Party kicks off on Twitter Spaces Tomorrow at 2 pm PT (5 pm ET).

**Private Presale Minting begins at 3:00:01 pm PT (6:00:01 pm ET)***

Thank You, Pals

Praise Pals™ Fan Art

The term “overnight success” always makes me chuckle. It’s one of the great misconceptions in modern society.

Tomorrow, we expect to sell out. Someone will say, “Wow! What an overnight success! How did you do it?”

Over the years, my answer has become shorter and more basic. “Work as hard as you can for about 10 years and never give up.”

That’s it.

I’ve been planning this launch for over a decade in my head. Over that time period, I’ve met incredible human beings. I’ve asked very little from them. I only ask to be part of their existence. This method, the decade-long trek, is the path to every overnight success.

The presale is a single 24-hour block of time, but it will set us on a trajectory to build our token infrastructure, which will emit $Praise to all of our NFT holders on a 24-hour schedule for 1,000 years.

Little steps over time enable big visions to emerge. This is page one of a long book.

On behalf of me, the team, and everyone on the journey with us, we’d like to say, “Thank You.” With you, we are everything. Without you, we are nothing. We are not building a company. We are building a community.

Welcome to the Praise Fam.

Love, Peace, & Praise.