The Praise Manifesto: Web3 is the Future and the Future is Now. A Better World Lies Ahead.

The Praise community grew from zero to 15,000+ in one week with no ad spend. These are our founder’s raw thoughts…

Today is March 11th, one week away from my father’s birthday. But he is no longer with us. He died about seven years ago. He was afflicted with a rare form of bone cancer called Multiple Myeloma. His last breath changed my life. When you see death in front of your own eyes, you realize the finality of your existence, and your priorities change.

Years later, while trying to figure out why I was alive, I toyed with the idea of suicide. I wanted to know what came next, mainly because I felt like I didn’t belong here. While contemplating death, my younger brother (who was also dealing with the same questions) died in a fatal car accident at age 22. It somehow made me feel like I should stay.

The Current System of Collective Pain and Fear

I’ve never liked the social constructs of our world. I have issues with money. The system feels rigged. I have problems with society. It seems like the goal is to think exactly the same until we all reach nirvana, but I want the opposite.

I’ve always wondered, “Why can’t we all be different together?” Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier than everyone trying to get along? There are a lot of us. What is wrong with each of us doing our own thing as long as we aren’t destroying the world for everyone?

The problem is that some people like power. They just like it. You know—controlling personalities. And so, when we entered the modern era, those types of people figured out how to get control by spreading FUD, which has caused many of us to be in pain. Obviously, we need the pain to feel joy. That’s how emotions work. But, we’ve had a good amount of collective pain. Let’s go for the collective joy for a while.

The Broad History of Power

To boil it down, our history has gone something like this:

  • Social Dominance. Humans evolve as the dominant species of our physically perceived space (Earth).
  • Existentialism. Achieving the top spot in the food chain means Humans don’t have to worry about survival, so we can begin worrying about existential thoughts like, “Why are we here?”
  • Control. The fear of the unknown leads some of us to create stories that push us into a single way of existing that we don’t all want or need.
  • Fear. This leads us to a period of evolution where pain is the driving force.

Some of our oldest stories take us back to religion, which seems like a good idea. Religion is meant to be a framework to understand and justify our current physical reality — but somehow it feels off-track to me. I think the original intentions of Religion have been lost.

These are the main control freaks in historical sequence, from old to new:

  • The Church—Aims to control reality with the currency of emotion
  • The Monarch — Aims to control reality with the currency of land
  • The Government — Aims to control reality with the currency of law
  • The Bank — Aims to control reality with the currency of money
  • The Corporation — Aims to control reality with the currency of information

The Self and the Collective

We are now experiencing a pendulum swing, a power shift back to the Self. We are realizing we don’t need to be the same. Instead, we can be different together.

Maybe, then, the final stage of existence could be when we all realize we’re totally unique and yet simultaneously the same. Maybe we will realize that it is okay to just be here and have fun trying things out.

We’re all divine beings disguised as humans. We can create heaven on earth—a bunch of different little heavenly communities hanging out.

How to Flip the Script

The top community of a reality’s ecosystem carries the weight of that ecosystem. Humans have fallen out of balance as a community, and all living things within our tangible ecosystem are experiencing pain because of it. The trees, the people, the animals, the energy fields — all of it.

We give ourselves pain so we can feel an emotion called happiness. But we live through our memories and we have now experienced enough pain. If we tell stories of love, we can live in a better existence for all time through our children, our stories, the metaverse, and beyond.

Yes, there will be ups and downs in this infinite timeline. We have to feel the pain to feel the joy. But we’ve been in a dip. Let’s move our collective emotions into a positive upswing — happy times. Why not us?

The Future is Now

Here’s what the future could hold if we all decide to tell this version of our story.

  • Crypto is Born. At this point in our evolution, anyone can create their own currency. We call it cryptocurrency. It sounds scary and cryptic (the control freaks probably started spreading that FUD!) But, crypto is not scary. It’s actually awesome. It has just been taking us Humans a while to understand it.
  • Fractionalized Governance of Money. The ability to create our own digital currencies means we can create our own governance systems for the money we use within our own tribes.
  • Infinite Land and Property. Our current existence is controlled primarily by the limit of physical space (i.e. land). The metaverse introduces the idea of non-physical space. There is no tangible land in the metaverse—only digital land, which means it is infinite. This is hard for most of us to understand at this point, but it’s okay. It means communities will derive value from selling digital space (or access).
  • Land Redistribution. As more people transfer their money out of government-issued currency and into digital currencies, it will suck market share away from government-issued currencies and redistribute funds to fractionalized tribes. The governments cannot do anything about it. As Web3 communities become the biggest holders of currency, they will begin buying back land from struggling governments.
  • Interoperability of Currency. People will be able to join multiple tribes simultaneously, like having citizenship to a bunch of countries. So, nearly all currencies will be universally exchangeable. There will be millions of cryptocurrencies that will work slightly differently in each community.
  • Fractionalized Laws. Because each community has its own currency, it controls the rules within its own ecosystem, both in the metaverse and on any physically owned land.

What Does it All Mean?

This version of our evolution essentially means we could be different together.

It means we don’t all have to fit into this place called Earth the exact same way. We can break it up into tiny little communities—some bigger, some smaller. It’s whatever we want to do together.

Right now, governments are predicated on lines that a bunch of old dudes drew on a map. In the new world, governments become like any other tribe. Fair and square. They can either adapt or lose market share until they go out of business.

It’s time for extensive periods of happiness. Our little pitstop on the timeline of human evolution could be a spark for future generations that lead us into prolonged or maybe even infinite happiness.

Humans can feel pain and happiness across any duration of time within our existence. But we have the power to control our own collective happiness right now. This is our chance.

In our collective existence so far, we have enabled greed to become a weapon, which literally broke the circle of life. It could end the world. But maybe it’s just growing pains.

The World Runs on Stories

I’m an author. I like to write because stories outlast humans. Let’s write the stories we want for ourselves, for our kids, and for our collective existence. The world is pretty amazing when the energy is loving instead of hateful.

We deserve Praise not for believing in anything, or achieving anything—but for being brave enough to be alive in the first place.

Being Different Together

The world of the future is powered by an infinite number of cross-pollinating communities that exist in both the digital and physical realms. It is a place where you can be yourself and do what you want, happily and safely. Fighters can fight. Lovers can love. The metaverse is boundless, and so are we.

Art is the Way

The future depends on art. Why? Because art brings us back to the core currency of humanity: Emotion. We need to express ourselves to feel alive. So, why is art currency, you ask? Because we say so. Let’s write better stories for our children.

With Praise 🙏🏻

If you dig our community’s vibe, hop in. Our culture in PraiseLand is to have fun, earn $PRAISE, and elevate the world. We believe the main reason to be alive is to enjoy it. We like people who accept that as the truth and live accordingly. No need for pain here. Our crew is already living this way, with very little “money” exchanged, but millions of dollars worth of value creation. Like-minded folks are joining us every day. Find YOUR community and enjoy the future. It’s bright.




Currency with a Conscience™

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