The Praise Manifesto: Web3 is the Future and the Future is Now. A Better World Lies Ahead.

The Current System of Collective Pain and Fear

The Broad History of Power

  • Social Dominance. Humans evolve as the dominant species of our physically perceived space (Earth).
  • Existentialism. Achieving the top spot in the food chain means Humans don’t have to worry about survival, so we can begin worrying about existential thoughts like, “Why are we here?”
  • Control. The fear of the unknown leads some of us to create stories that push us into a single way of existing that we don’t all want or need.
  • Fear. This leads us to a period of evolution where pain is the driving force.
  • The Church—Aims to control reality with the currency of emotion
  • The Monarch — Aims to control reality with the currency of land
  • The Government — Aims to control reality with the currency of law
  • The Bank — Aims to control reality with the currency of money
  • The Corporation — Aims to control reality with the currency of information

The Self and the Collective

How to Flip the Script

The Future is Now

  • Crypto is Born. At this point in our evolution, anyone can create their own currency. We call it cryptocurrency. It sounds scary and cryptic (the control freaks probably started spreading that FUD!) But, crypto is not scary. It’s actually awesome. It has just been taking us Humans a while to understand it.
  • Fractionalized Governance of Money. The ability to create our own digital currencies means we can create our own governance systems for the money we use within our own tribes.
  • Infinite Land and Property. Our current existence is controlled primarily by the limit of physical space (i.e. land). The metaverse introduces the idea of non-physical space. There is no tangible land in the metaverse—only digital land, which means it is infinite. This is hard for most of us to understand at this point, but it’s okay. It means communities will derive value from selling digital space (or access).
  • Land Redistribution. As more people transfer their money out of government-issued currency and into digital currencies, it will suck market share away from government-issued currencies and redistribute funds to fractionalized tribes. The governments cannot do anything about it. As Web3 communities become the biggest holders of currency, they will begin buying back land from struggling governments.
  • Interoperability of Currency. People will be able to join multiple tribes simultaneously, like having citizenship to a bunch of countries. So, nearly all currencies will be universally exchangeable. There will be millions of cryptocurrencies that will work slightly differently in each community.
  • Fractionalized Laws. Because each community has its own currency, it controls the rules within its own ecosystem, both in the metaverse and on any physically owned land.

What Does it All Mean?

The World Runs on Stories

Being Different Together

Art is the Way



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