Praise Token, Inc. | May 2022 Monthly Report

  • Launched the Praise Gold Membership Card
  • Announced our next event, “Web3 in the Hills”
  • Added celebrity photographer, Jim Jordan, to the Praise family as a strategic partner
  • Signed an agreement with Momentum Media Fund to raise a $5M seed round
  • Announced multiple metaverse gamification features and NFTs—including Joyful Jewels, Love Machines, XP, and leveling.
  • Made progress on merch partnerships and other IRL opportunities
  • Created the Pal Squad evangelist team
  • Added a Praise Baby to our fam

The Praise Gold Membership Card

Gold Cards are available on Opensea

Web3 in the Hills

A potential location for our next event
  • Music and dancing
  • Live DJs
  • NFT art exhibits
  • NFT drops and scavenger hunts
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Intimate 10–15 minute fireside chats with true industry leaders
  • Live art performances
  • Complimentary artisan cuisine and drinks
  • Media and podcast interviews
  • Photoshoots and red carpet moments
  • Lines
  • An exorbitant amount of walking here and there
  • Pointless conversations with random people
  • Long, boring seminar-style sessions
  • Too many things happening at once
  • Expensive food and ‘VIP’ experiences that don’t quite add up

Photoshoot with Celebrity Photographer, Jim Jordan

Praise Founder, Jesse Tevelow. Photographed by Jim Jordan.

Praise is Raising a $5M Seed Round

Joyful Jewels, Love Machines, XP, and other Gamification Features

Early concepts for upcoming gaming features: Joyful Jewels, Love Machines, and Love Bombers
  • Islands: Plots of digital land that Pals can own and then mine for resources. Among these resources are Joyful Jewels.
  • Joyful Jewels: These magical stones can be converted into Love Bombers using a Love Machine.
  • Love Machines: An official doohicky that converts Joyful Jewels into Love Bombers
  • Love Bombers: An explosion of crystaline light that can be sent to friends for a smile. Sending Love Bombers increases XP, which contributes to leveling.
  • Levels: Higher levels unlock new areas and capabilities, both in the Praise metaverse and at our events in the real-world.

Merch, Merch, Merch

Fanart mockup of a Praise Pals™ Adidas shoe collab

Pal Squad Assembles to Invigorate Discord Community

Another Praise Baby is Born

Final Thoughts

Influencer Kylin Kalani and Founder Jesse Tevelow



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