Praise Q4 2021 Update for Investors, Stakeholders, and Friends

3 min readDec 17, 2021


Whoa! Where did the year go? It’s been quite a journey for us, in a good way.

We’ll plan to start posting updates like this each month. Let us know what you think. All feedback is welcome. Here’s a recap of 2021, and a look ahead, including new product releases and plans for 2022.

A Star is Born

Praise was founded on March 29th, 2021.

Partners & Collaborations

In June, we attended the BTC Miami conference and began building partnerships to support the Praise project. Our early partners include Wise Token, Origin Protocol, Rock Mafia, Verses Technologies, Inflow, Thunder Rockets, Smash Global, and many more.

Nearly $200K raised from Friends, Family, & Early-Adopters

In September, we quietly launched a StartEngine campaign. We’ve raised $187K and we’re seeing an uptick in investments. Early investors are being offered perks, like earmarked $PRAISE tokens. For the full details and terms, visit our funding page.

Hollywood Hills Launch Event

On October 8th, we came out of stealth mode, inviting 400+ highly-curated guests to our private launch event and NFT exhibit in the Hollywood Hills. Check the vibe…

At the end of the party, we formally announced our upcoming avatar PFP community, Praise Pals™.

We offered guests a surprise gift—6 free Praise Pal NFTs for anyone who could make it through our purposefully lengthy application process before the party ended. Nearly 100 people claimed their characters—meaning 600 Praise Pals are already pre-owned, even though we won’t launch for several months.

Praise has partnered with ThunderRockets to create the Praise Pals™ universe, coming in Q2

The Hollywood Hills event was a glimpse of what is to come. Meshing physical experiences with related digital, ownable, programmable assets is a winning formula. Product development for the Praise Pals™ is underway. The funky bunch is scheduled to drop in Q2, 2022. Learn more here.

DCentral & Art Basel

In early December, our Founder, Jesse Tevelow, spoke on stage at the DCentral Conference, one of the largest NFT conferences of the year. Jesse was joined by prominent blockchain investors, Steve Sky (Yolo Investments), Ryan Wang (Outpost Capital), and Miko Matsumura (Gumi Cryptos Capital), to speak about the metaverse.

Following the conference, members of the Praise team and many of our official partners gathered at Art Basel and its surrounding events. We put together a compilation video of all the magic happening in Miami…

The Year Ahead in 2022

We have three main initiatives for next year:

  1. 50-Day global token auction (Q1)
  2. Membership card roll out (Q2)
  3. PFP avatar community, Praise Pals™ (Q2)

The 2022 Roadmap is bold and aggressive, just the way we like it. If we aim for the moon, we’ll land among the stars.

View the full roadmap and get whitelisted for our upcoming drops.

Thanks! Here’s how you can Help 🙏🏻

We appreciate you for being on this journey with us. Our biggest needs right now are sourcing additional funding partners and stellar team members. We’re looking for the best of the best in terms of experience, track record, and clout—but cultural fit is always a prerequisite for consideration. Know someone who could be a solid addition to our team? Please get in touch at




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