Praise January Recap for Investors, Partners, and Friends

Hello, Praise Fam!

The first month of the year has been eventful for Praise, but most of it happened behind the scenes. Get ready for some heart-pumping updates, y’all!

Praise Sponsors NFTLA

The NFTLA conference is scheduled for March 28th–31st. We are close friends and partners with Edge of NFT, the team producing the event. Their team actually conducted all of the live interviews at our first party in October!

This means we have a direct connection and full access to all things NFTLA. We are an official sponsor and will have a booth exhibit in the main hall. Come see us! You won’t want to miss it.

Register for NFTLA

The Praise Pals™ Launch

The biggest news this month is that the Praise Pals™, our avatar community, has been fast-tracked. We were originally forecasting this for mid-Q2, but we are now targeting our launch for the end of March, LIVE at NFTLA.

A Night in the Hills

During one night of the conference, we will hold our second party and NFT exhibit in the Praise Mansion (or another epic location). Because we already did our soft launch, we know exactly how to throw a powerful event for the drop of the Praise Pals™, which will happen LIVE from the mansion.

Partnerships and the #100Pals

We continue to build our early adopter network of celebrities, brands, and thought-leaders through our core 100 founders, called the #100Pals.

Newly added Pals include David Bianchi (Actor/NFT art), Erik Huberman (Forbes 30 Under 30 founder), Jay Rosenzweig (human rights and equality activist), Phu Styles (rated as a top 100 influencer in blockchain), and many more.

71 of the 100 spots have been claimed. Investors are able to claim 1 of the 100 Pals with a commitment of $100K or higher.

We have several A-List celebrities eying this and considering joining up.

To learn more about our unique partnership and collaboration strategy…

Visit Our Updated Homepage


While our social channels may seem low right now, we are confident they will grow to a healthy number by our launch.

We’re aiming for 10K+ into our unreleased discord server. We’ve added a new team member, Richard Parr, to lead this effort.

Richard is currently on staff with Shiba Inu and helps manage their discord of 40,000+.

We’ve been hard at work building a robust infrastructure for the new Praise Pals™ dedicated community. Get ready to help us build the most epic and eclectic digital gathering of trailblazers on the planet :)

Token Auction

Because we are pushing Praise Pals™ to the top of our priority list, we are moving the $PRAISE token auction to Q2. Anyone hoping to participate in the token auction is encouraged to invest through the Praise Pals community by purchasing our characters at minting. You can pre-register for Praise Pals™ from our site.

The token auction, coming later this year, will be an opportunity to double down.


We are in discussions with multiple funds for investments in the $500K-$2M range. We are aiming to close our seed round this month so we can execute the launch of Praise Pals™, grow the team, and prep for our token launch. If you have interest, let’s do a call.

Thanks to our amazing group of 200+ retail investors—we broke the $200K mark on our crowdfunding campaign a few hours ago! With less than 30 days remaining, now is a great time to join the crowdfunding party. You can invest as little as $100 🎉

Join the StartEngine Campaign Here


We can’t do this alone. We need love and guidance from our many frens ;) Here are some asks—not mandatory, but super helpful for us.

  • Start tweeting about the #100Pals.
  • Please recommend any celebrities, brands, or thought leaders who may be a fit to join the 100 founding members.
  • Any intros to investors are appreciated. To make it as easy as possible for you, we are happy to create custom outreach notes for any investor who may be a fit.
  • We are seeking sponsors for our launch party and NFT Exhibit in the Hills. Intros are appreciated! Review our sponsor deck here.

*If you want to sponsor NFTLA (the conference), get in touch because we can help you with that.

Shoutouts and Thank You’z

We want to thank Origin Protocol, Richard Parr, David Bianchi, Kylin and Mom Jane, Travis Skiver, Marcos Batista, and all of the continued support from our many partners last month and as we continue to build. We’re in this for the long haul, and it’s not easy. But, WAGMI—together!

We’ll see you at NFTLA, in the Hills, at another event, or in the metaverse. It’s only a matter of time.

With Praise 🙏🏻





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Currency with a Conscience™

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