Praise Monthly Recap: March 2022

March has been our most eventful month ever. Here’s the TL:DR

Social Growth — We went from nothing to a community of 40K+ with no ad spend

NFTLA — We attended a bunch of events, made a bunch of deals, and Jesse spoke on stage

Celebrity Founder—NBA Champion and hall-of-fame player Paul Pierce has joined the Praise Pals™ team as one of our 88 Founding Pals.

The Grammy’s — Binance invited us. So we went!

Praise Pals™ Drop — Our drop is days away. Join the Discord for the most up-to-date mint times and instructions.

Read on for the full update…

Social Growth

Our Twitter Profile Page (@praise_pals)

Our main goal for March was to build our community, primarily utilizing Discord for nurturing, and Twitter for public communication.

Without spending a cent on marketing, we’ve gone from nothing to over 11,000+ members on Discord, 23,000+ on Twitter, and we’ve also collected over 6,000 emails.

The Discord community is one of the loveliest groups you’ll ever find. We have games, multiple chat channels, and even our own chant (PPGMI! It means “Praise Pals are Gonna Make It”.)

Our Whitelist is oversubscribed, with 2,222+ eager Pals hoping to mint on launch day. We are still working with a few alpha groups and giving away last minute WL spots. The best way to get whitelisted is to join the Discord and stay engaged.

NFTLA 2022

Founding Pal and Influencer Kylin Kalani spinning cotton candy. Notice her matching Praise Pal on our cabana?

Last week, Praise Pals from across the globe traveled to LA for the inaugural NFTLA conference.

On Day 1, we made a crucial deal with Paul Pierce, an NBA Champion. Paul was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year and we are proud to have him on board.

On Day 2, Jesse spoke on stage about the Creator Economy and the importance of communities in Web3.

On Day 3, we closed out the conference with swag handouts, WL giveaways, and a looping video of our early launch party in the Hollywood Hills last October. All the hype brought Binance to our booth. They loved the concept of Praise and invited us to the Grammys, as well as their afterparty!

The evenings during NFTLA were just as exciting.

We attended a party hosted by Origin, our tech partner for the drop. Their team did a test run of our characters and we’re now nearly ready for launch. The generative art looks absolutely incredible!

We also attended a mansion party that will likely become a location for a future Praise event. We’re always looking for breathtaking venues.

Some of the musical performances at NFTLA featured A-listers like Steve Aoki and Nelly. We even went backstage during the Steve Aoki performance at the LA Wisdome concert, which was a treat.

Overall, the conference was a smashing success. We were able to spread the Praise Pals™ brand and also close multiple crucial deals in the process. More on that below! 👀

Paul Pierce Joins the Praise Pals™

NBA Hall of Fame Champion, Paul Pierce

We are excited to announce that NBA Champion Paul Pierce has joined the Praise Pals™ as one of our 88 founding members. Paul and Jesse walked the conference floor for almost two hours during NFTLA. By the end, Paul was emphatic about getting involved.

Paul Pierce is a battle-tested champion. His nickname is ‘The Truth” because of his conviction, in both sports and in life. We can’t think of a better initial A-List Celebrity to join our team. He’ll be bringing some friends into the fold, too. 👀

Praise at the Grammy’s

Our Founder, Jesse Tevelow, at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, NV

After NFTLA ended, our schedule changed to accommodate the opportunity Binance presented at the Grammys.

Jesse immediately booked a flight to Las Vegas to attend the Grammys, as well as the Binance and OneOf afterparties.

More relationships and deals were discussed at these events. It was also an opportunity for Praise to build awareness on a global stage.

Market Conditions and the Drop

Praise Pals Fanart from our Discord community, Praiseland

Stay glued to your email and our Discord community for the latest updates on our minting event. We are days away.

Don’t get scammed! Be cautious of spurious links, fake sites, fake emails, copycat or fake discords, etc. We recommend getting information about the mint directly from Jesse and the Praise team via group voice chats within our Discord community. Voice is a good source of truth in Web3.

Because the market is on an upswing, we are settling on a mint price of 0.1 ETH. Stay tuned for more details in our discord community:

As we enter Q2, the future is looking bright and colorful for Praise and the Praise Pals™. Thanks for being on the journey with us. Love. Peace. Praise. 🤟🏻✌🏻🙏🏻




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Currency with a Conscience™

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