March Updates for Investors, Partners, and Friends

5 min readMar 29, 2023

Hi, friends! Welcome to Spring. How are you feeling? For me, the cyclical nature of human beings is tangible.

We’re entering Q2, the seasons are changing, and Web3 is surging. After exhibiting at the Outer Edge conference in LA, the buzz around Praise has never been stronger.

Praise exhibit at Outer Edge, Los Angeles 3/21

This recap includes major announcements, like…

  • Praise Pals landing on the actual moon
  • New option to buy Praise Pals with a credit card
  • Mega-discounted VIP tickets to Elevated LA
  • …and more

My life is in a period of significant change, too. I’m moving out of my LA apartment, traveling north to care for my mother and visit my nephews in Portland. My wife and daughter will stay in Los Angeles to search for a new home.

Life always confronts us with change. The banks are failing. The governments are failing. The global economy is failing. And a new system — called crypto, is on the rise.

$PRAISE will launch later this year. Every day, our vision feels more relevant. Thanks for being on the journey.

With Love, Peace, and Praise,



Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator of Praise

​Praise Token Shines at Outer Edge

Praise hosted an outpost exhibit at the Outer Edge conference, an epic gathering in LA for the top 1% of Web3 enthusiasts. Our experience was magical. Watch the compilation video on Twitter, and be sure to follow our account for updates!

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Praise Pals™ to the Moon, Literally!

This Summer, Space Blue and Galactic Legacy Labs (“GLL”), along with Intuitive Machines and Arch Mission Foundation, will be sending an indestructible time capsule to the moon.

The Lunaprise Museum will hold both 1:1 physical engraved twin duplicates of artwork here on Earth, as well as 1:1 digital twin files (graphics, animations, music). The artwork is expected to last for over one billion years. Praise Pals™ is one of the projects selected to join the mission.

We will be in attendance in mid-June for the historic launch at Elon Musk’s SpaceX Launch Center and the Kennedy Space Center.

Buy Praise Pals with Your Credit Card

You can now purchase Praise Pals with a credit card. Simply connect your digital wallet of choice, then select ‘Buy with Credit Card.’

We’d like to thank Crossmint and Origin Story for the effortless integrations. If you’re new to crypto and NFTs, this is a quick way to get started. Buy your Praise Pal today!

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Don’t have a digital wallet yet? We recommend metamask.

Flash Sale: 85% off VIP Tickets to Elevated LA™ While Supplies Last

Inspired by Burning Man, Elevated LA is a celebratory festival for the Web3 community, formed organically across LA. It was a hot topic at our Praise booth last week at Outer Edge. In response, we’re offering a whopping 85% discount to the first 100 VIPs. Use promo code SMARTVIP at checkout.

After purchasing your tickets on Eventbrite, you can redeem them for a Praise Gold™ member card. The gold card is your VIP access pass across venues. It will also become a yield-bearing NFT when our $PRAISE token launches later this year.

Normally, VIP tickets will cost $1,199 or more. With an 85% discount, it’s just $179, which is far lower than comparable events. Learn more and secure your VIP experience at a fraction of the price.

Use promo code SMARTVIP at checkout.

VIP Tickets

Praise + Tsuka Token on Twitter Spaces

Tsuka s a decentralized community token, built on ERC-20, fully distributed and entirely run by the community.

Tsuka launched in the darkest days of the bear market. In nine months, it went from a market cap of just $3,000 to over $100 million. It currently rests at number seven on the top meme coins list on Coinmarketcap.

Tsuka was created by the original Shiba Inu developer, Ryoshi Research, one of the most beloved developers in the space. It was launched fairly, with no pre-sale, no tax on transactions, and no allocated team tokens to dump on investors.

Tsuka’s solid foundation is the product of its parallel approach to community building. On one side of the coin, there is an emphasis on meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. On the flip side, Tsuka boasts pure tokenomics. The top holder owns just 3.8% of the supply. There will only ever be 1 billion $TSUKA tokens. Every day, Tsuka becomes more decentralized.

On April 6th, we’ll speak with the Tsuka team on Twitter Spaces. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting discussion.

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With Praise,