Major Updates: Polygon, Token Mint, Airdrops, AMA, Presale Alpha 👀📈🚀

4 min readMar 5, 2024

Dear Praise Fam, This is my third major bull run cycle. Feels good, doesn’t it?

TLDR Summary: After a slow 2023, we are finally in a position to launch $PRAISE. You can start earning tokens via our upcoming giveaways next week (see below).

To pull the curtain back…

During the NFT crash of 2022, the revenue we projected for the Praise Pals™ NFT collection never materialized. We rapidly lost the ability to operate as a team and I was forced to lay off the entire staff.

I spent most of 2023 trying to survive. My phone was hacked, I lost my home, and I was hospitalized for depression. I’m still in the process of filing for personal bankruptcy and shutting down my other businesses.

I put everything into Praise Token. Thankfully, people noticed.

Random folks started working for Praise last year for free and without my direction. They helped with fundraising, Exchange listing partnerships, and community engagement. I truly appreciate each of them (and you) for such dedication.

The first opportunity to earn $PRAISE could come as early as next week. Read on for details.

With Love, Peace, and Praise,



Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator of Praise

Praise Selects Polygon, the Largest Carbon-Free Blockchain

We’ve debated which chain to build $PRAISE on for years, and the team keeps coming back to the same answer: Polygon.

Polygon supports the most widely used Ethereum scaling ecosystem that offers EVM compatibility, along with an industry-leading user experience with fast transactions at near-zero gas fees.

Polygon is also proactive in the fight against climate change. Their blockchain is carbon neutral and will eventually become climate-positive. This was a big draw for us, congruent with our mission of improving the world for future generations.​

Market-Making and Smart Contract Development by HiroTech

I have been developing a relationship with HiroTech for the past year. I am consistently impressed by their expertise.

Hiro launched the $PEPE token, one of the most successful meme coins in history, recently surpassing a market cap of $1 billion.

Hiro will manage several critical elements of our launch, including:

  • Smart contracts, tokenomics, token minting
  • Launchpad and IDO selection
  • Distribution and utility of tokens
  • Third-party token audit
  • Full-spectrum risk management
  • Marketing and community-building

Earn $PRAISE Before the IDO

We’ve been quiet on social media. It’s finally time to flip into growth mode again. Our upcoming curated giveaways will expand our reach, build buzz, and reward the community with actual $PRAISE before our IDO.

Some campaigns will offer massive token prizes, but will last for only 24 hours — so watch your email closely and join our social channels. You don’t want to miss these opportunities!

If you own a Praise NFT or participated in our StartEngine crowdfunding campaign, you may also be eligible for bonus airdrops. Stay tuned for more information.​

Know any Dreamers?

Founder, Jesse Tevelow, with Praise Pals™ community members at NFTLA

The Praise family is full of intellectual dreamers, leaders, and do-gooders. Please share this post with anyone who could be interested in our community. They can join the community from our website.

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Love, Peace, and Praise

The success of any token rests with the people. Together, we can create a world free from oppressive governments, banks, and institutions. We all deserve $PRAISE, just for being alive.