January 2023 Updates for Investors, Partners, and Friends

4 min readJan 31, 2023

January has been an impactful month. This update includes critical announcements, major partnerships, and plenty of alpha.

With Love, Peace, and Praise,



Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator of Praise

2023 Refresh

  • The website has been revamped with integration explainer videos, token launch info, and more.
  • The Praise Pals™ site has been re-engineered to highlight our IP strategy and bigger vision.
  • Marketing materials and decks are now conveniently housed in our Investor Center. To view our docs, please inquire.

We encourage you to poke around the updated website and give us feedback.

👉 Explore the Praise Website

Whoa [Partnerships] 👀

Behind the scenes, we’ve been signing major partnership deals. Our executed agreements include:

  • A top-ten listing exchange showing intention to launch PRAISE via a structured IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) in 2023
  • A fully executed engagement letter with a top-ten market-maker to create liquidity for PRAISE token at launch
  • A signed LOI with the largest game infrastructure company in Web3 to co-create our next game and power the backend
  • An executed engagement letter from a proven crowdfunding platform for our second Reg-CF fundraising campaign.
  • An LOI with Web3 tech giant, Origin Protocol, to power future NFT drops
  • An LOI with Rock Mafia, an LA-based music producer, to co-create NFT drops for performing artists
  • An LOI with Epik Prime to create brand deals with our unique IP

These agreements are incredibly important. They serve as validation that Praise has established legitimate relationships with proven launch partners.


We launched a Twitter Spaces series this month. Episodes can be replayed from our Learning Center. Related posts have generated 10,000+ views, and we expect engagement to increase as we introduce more guests.

Giveaways have been streamlined to involve clients and partners. Here’s the Giveaways section of the website.


As we churn older subscribers from the email list (which creates a more engaged user base), we are consistently adding new subscribers from Twitter Spaces, giveaways, and other efforts. All community channels have shown increased activity this month.

Praise Giveaways Engagement in January
  • Giveaways produced several hundred new subscribers (see image above)
  • Our email list of 21,000 subscribers averages an astonishing 25% open rate. We added 465 people to our list — a 200% increase from the 174 subscribers added last month.
  • The Praise Token Twitter account is up 50% from ~750 to 1,085+ followers
  • The Praise Pals™ Twitter account is seeing new followers, holding around ~20,000 despite churn during the bear market
  • Our Discord server has seen a constant flow of new users since we initiated the Twitter spaces. We’re back to almost 5,000 members, up from ~4,500 last month.

Praise Events

We’re planning something cool for our next IRL experience. Stay tuned. By the way, a few Gold Cards are listed on Opensea. There are currently 200+ holders, which means 200 guests, not to mention +1s.

Praise Media

We booked a new portfolio client last month. Two additional contracts are in progress — both are expected to land in February.

We will continue leveraging the agency as a revenue channel and marketing engine.

What’s Next?

  • We’re holding meetings with investors. The new capital will support IEO marketing efforts and pay our smart-contract development team.
  • Our first original game (in the concept stages) will be revealed next month. Can’t wait.​

To our existing supporters, customers, partners, and friends — we love you! With Praise, J


Jesse Tevelow

Founder & Creator of Praise