Invest in the Pre-Seed Round of Praise Token (Closing This Week)

We wrote this article to give you a full update on Praise in a single place. We want you to feel informed and excited about investing. If you’re short on time, schedule a call with our founder to talk one-on-one.

Dear Investors, Partners, and Frens,

Our Pre-seed round closes this Sunday (2.28.22). This post will help you invest with confidence. Buckle up!


Over the past several months, we’ve been considering the best sequencing strategy for our initial set of products. The world of Web3 moves fast, so we need to stay nimble and flow with the market. Here’s the updated product lineup for 2022…

  1. Q1 — Praise Pals™
  2. Q2 — Praise Token Auction
  3. Q3 — Member Experience Card
  4. Q4 — Social Mobile App

The Praise Pals™ — Launching March 28th–31st | Los Angeles, CA

The Praise Pals™ NFT collection will drop on March 28th-31st at NFTLA. There are 2,000 spots on the whitelist. A maximum of 80 Pals are allowed per wallet.

We’ll be giving away free Pals (Estimated initial price: $500–600 USD) from now through the launch. Stay tuned for our first giveaway and whitelist competition.

We will also partner with collaborative PFP communities to offer early whitelisting, akin to Steve Aoki’s A0K1VERSE model.

The 100 Pals: Over the past 6 months, we’ve been quietly building a dream team of remarkable people. In fact, we’ve already welcomed nearly 100 brands, celebrities, artists, and thought-leaders into The Praise Pals™ community behind the scenes. The first 100 members are called “The 100 Pals,” and they are the founders of our network.

These aren’t regular folks. The 100 Pals include visionaries (like Brad Feld, who manages a multibillion-dollar VC fund), the founders of top projects in the Web3 space (like Harmony and Origin Protocol), NFT artists (like David Bianchi), thought-leaders (like Swan Sit), and even some global icons (to be announced soon).

Beyond the 100 founders, we’ve received another 100 early whitelist requests and gathered data around expected price ranges for these buyers.

Totaling these responses at today’s current price of ETH is approximately $60,000 USD. Keep in mind, we’ve done almost no growth marketing yet, and we expect the price of ETH to rise over time.

Learn more about the 100 Pals at our website.

NFTLA Launch

The Pals will launch at NFTLA, one of the most anticipated NFT conferences of the year. Praise is an official sponsor. We will have our own booth exhibit, and our founder, Jesse Tevelow, will be speaking on stage alongside industry icons like Mark Cuban, Steve Aoki, and Nicole Buffet.

We’re planning an exclusive event in the Hollywood Hills to launch the Pals during the conference. It’s called A Night in the Hills.

The event will feature 10+ 80" mega screens with epic NFT art from top artists in the space, live music, exclusive drops, and more.

This is a private, invite-only event. We expect 400–500 guests.

To learn more about the drop party, or to explore a sponsorship, see our event deck.

Praise Token Auction—Launching Q2, 2022 | Location TBD

Praise will launch its token in Q2, 2022. The token will be offered in the form of an auction. Over 50 days, we will release 1 billion tokens from our fixed supply of 21 billion.

A significant portion of the funds raised will be locked in a liquidity pool via our partnership with Wisesoft, LLC.

On Day 51, token holders will begin earning $PRAISE on a daily schedule according to our emissions model. Praise Pal holders will receive an additional bump in daily rewards.

Learn more about the token auction or make a reservation.

Praise Member Experience™ Card—Launching Q3, 2022 | Location TBD

We’ve partnered with InFlow to power our unique member cards. The cards will carry both digital and physical benefits, including:

  • Access to our private events and partner events
  • Access to future collections and NFT drops on the Praise platform
  • A beautifully designed physical card with one-tap contact sharing, easy verification, VIP entry at events, and more
  • Additional $PRAISE deposited into the cardholder's wallet on a daily basis according to our token emissions model

Social Mobile App—Launching Q4, 2022 | Location TBD

Our social mobile app will introduce a version of NFTs that haven’t been seen before. Without giving too much away—we can say this: we’ll be blurring the lines of social, gaming, and Defi.

Invest Today

It’s time to make a decision. If you’re reading this, you’re in one of two camps: you're either interested in investing, or you invested already. (If you weren’t interested—you wouldn’t be reading this post.)

Don’t sit this one out. Schedule a call to learn why this could be your biggest FOMO moment ever if you don’t act now.

If you already invested, consider doubling down. This is the lowest price-per-share we’ll ever have. And tell your investor friends!

There’s a special kind of pride in being able to say, “I was there at the beginning.” 🙏🏻




Currency with a Conscience™

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Currency with a Conscience™

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