February Update from Praise Token

  • Our fully crowdfunded pre-seed round is now closed. We raised $250K from over 300 individuals, angels, and small funds.
  • Our seed round is already underway. We expect to close this month.
  • We’ve added new high-profile members to our invite-only group of 100 founding Pals. Two new additions (both women) are featured below.
  • Development of the Praise Pals™ continues to progress as we gear up for launch at NFTLA.
  • We’ve partnered with Origin Protocol to power the Praise Pals™ drop.

Praise Raises Over $250K in Crowdfunded Pre-Seed Round

Seed Round Now Open to VCs

New Founding Pals


PraiseBot early design

Origin Protocol Will Power the Praise Pals™ NFT Drop



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