December Updates, 2022 Recap, and Looking Ahead

2 min readDec 23, 2022

It’s Jesse, the founder of Praise Token. It’s been a crazy year for crypto and for Praise. Let’s take a quick look back…

  • The industry was flying high in January and February, still buzzing off a strong 2021 with rising cryptocurrency prices and the explosion of NFTs.
  • Somewhere around March, the market began to dip, and we’ve been in a slump ever since
  • The NFT market plummeted
  • Terra Luna, 3 Arrows Capital, Celsius, Voyager, FTX, and other centralized companies went under, wiping out over $100 billion in crypto assets
  • Elon took over Twitter
  • AI showed signs of a major upswing

We accomplished a lot at Praise, including…

  • Exhibited at NFTLA in March
  • Launched the Praise Pals™ collection
  • Launched the Praise Gold Member Card
  • Partnered with Award Pool to launch Pal Points
  • Made progress on exchange listing agreements and planning for the release of Praise Token, including an LOI from a top ten crypto exchange
  • Merged our existing agency into Praise Media and picked up NFTLA and as clients, with more in the pipeline
  • We’re developing a powerful Web3 marketing platform focused on co-creation.
  • Began the development of our next game in partnership with Splinterlands.

Thank you to all of our customers, supporters, partners, and friends. We’re anxious to release updates about a new product in development, but we’re holding off until the new year. To be continued in 2023…

Wishing you Love, Peace, and Praise