Company Updates: Solana Re-Mint, New Airdrops, Creator Campaign, TGE Updates, and More đź‘€

4 min readMar 27, 2024

Dear Investors, Partners, and Pals,

This is perhaps the most eventful post I’ve written since Praise was founded 3 years ago. Q1 brought new momentum we haven’t experienced since late 2021. I expect Q2 to be even more groundbreaking. Updates below.

With Love, Peace, and Praise, J


Solana Surges and Captures Our Hearts

We have elected to launch $PRAISE on Solana instead of Polygon. We still love Polygon and plan to expand to multiple chains, but we couldn’t ignore the ecosystem brewing on the Solana blockchain.

I did extensive research to make this decision, including price-chart analysis and due diligence — speaking to 20+ advisors, founders, degens, investors, and friends.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by intelligent people with insight beyond my capacity. The move to Solana will help us capture the hype around meme coins and Sofi tokens. It is truly becoming ​The People’s Blockchain​.

Solana is a name, meaning “sunshine” or “a sunny place.” Praise is also based on the light that shines through all humanity. Even our logos jive. It’s the right move.

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$PRAISE Airdrop Goes Viral in Recent Curated Growth Campaign

Our Curated Growth Campaign service was a smashing success. Almost 200,000 entries were submitted by over one thousand unique participants in less than 48 hours — with zero ad spend. The campaign page received over 5,000 impressions. Curious to learn how we did it?

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New Airdrops for the Praise Community

After the success of our first Praiseworthy airdrop, we’ve doubled down. Two more airdrops are launching today! 👀

Airdrop #1 — Ultrade, Koii, and Newcomer MOTI: 500,000 $PRAISE Giveaway

These stellar startups have shown extreme growth and cultural fit with Praise. We felt they deserved more praise for their contributions to Web3, and that our community could use more $PRAISE, too.

This time, we will host organized discussions on X Spaces to highlight the founders behind each project. We will also discuss our growth methods and the power of collaborative marketing in Web3. 500,000 $PRAISE for hanging out with us.

Win 50,000 $PRAISE

Airdrop #2 — PPGMI Moon Campaign: 1,000,000 $PRAISE for Content Creators and Supporters

We believe Creators own the future and deserve $PRAISE for their moxy. Create content about $PRAISE on X using our​ brand kit and avatar outputs​ to win $PRAISE from the prize pool. Simple.

Win 50,000 $PRAISE

Evan Luthra Joins Praise as Evangelist and Advisor

I am pumped to introduce Evan Luthra, the newest advisor to join Praise. Evan is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, ​Forbes 30 Under 30​ entrepreneur twice in Tech (2021, 2023), ​Tech Influencer of the Year​ in Entrepreneur Magazine, ​Angel Investor of the Year​ in India Blockchain Week, and featured in USA TODAY and ​Business Insider​, among other media outlets.

Evan’s personal Web3 portfolio exceeds a market cap of $100 billion. He has helped fuel 500+ Web3 companies Since 2014. He also manages a crypto investment bank, funding projects like Hashgraph, Ripple, HYGH, Nakamoto Games, and more.

Evan shares knowledge globally, educating students at Delhi University and Washington State University, performing 7+ TEDx talks, and speaking at top blockchain conferences.

As a writer, Evan contributes to, CoinTelegraph, Beincrypto, Hackernoon, Forbes, and Entrepreneur—exploring topics like Play-to-Earn Gaming, Blockchains, and the future of DAOs.

Engaging with 2.3+ million followers on Instagram and unraveling complex topics through threads on X, Evan has become a trusted source for insights in Web3.

Evan is also a founding partner at KOL Capital, A VC fund composed of over 70+ influential investors with a combined reach of tens of millions of followers globally.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Evan aboard for this journey. Welcome to the Praise team!

Updated Pitch Deck

*We added Evan and made a few other changes

$PRAISE Token Generation Event (TGE)

Because $PRAISE is now minted on Solana, you should get a Solana wallet address and purchase some SOL on an exchange like Coinbase or Binance to prepare for the sale.

We recommend using the Phantom Wallet.


Need help getting a wallet address? Check out these resources:





As we approach the TGE, I’ll again remind our community to load $SOL into your wallets so you can purchase $PRAISE during the limited token offering.

I recommend joining our Discord server for real-time announcements.

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With Love, Peace, and Praise,