April Updates for Investors, Stakeholders, and Friends


  • Products: We launched the Praise Pals™ and sold out, but there’s more to the story.
  • Sales: We’ve done $250,000 in sales since launching our presale, and nearly 25 ETH in trading volume since listing on Opensea. The floor price has remained fairly steady, which is rare post-launch. We continue to see sales on the secondary market each day.
  • Roadmap: The Gold Membership Card drops on 5/15/22
  • Partnerships: We partnered with Rarity Sniper to create our Official Rarity Index for collectors
  • Marketing: New marketing campaigns are dropping soon. We ask all investors, founding Pals, Pal holders, and friends to amplify our Tweets and other digital content. Every share helps us gain awareness in the market.

Products: The Praise Pals™ NFT Launch

Praise Pals™ trading on Opensea

Sales: A Strategic Approach to Consistent Growth

Roadmap: Gold Membership Cards, Coming Soon

The Praise Experience™ Gold Member Card releases on 5/15/2022
Islands, an upcoming utility-based NFT, is on the short-term roadmap
  • Mint additional member cards with just gas, then resell on Opensea
  • Receive a significant discount on Praise Pals™ merch, coming soon
  • Auto pre-registration for our next private event, which is tentatively scheduled for June / July in the Hollywood Hills at an undisclosed location
  • Auto-join the presale Allow-List for our first utility-focused NFT drop: Praiseland Islands. This will be a free mint + gas. Owners can keep their islands or sell them on Opensea.
  • Auto-join the presale Allow-List for our next collection of 2,222 characters, which will be modeled after the guests at our upcoming event. This will be a free mint + gas. Owners can HODL or sell their Gen II Pals on Opensea.
  • Earn $PRAISE on a daily basis from our network token emissions (scheduled to release in Q3)
  • Enjoy exclusive experiences and events with culturally-aligned partner communities

Partnerships: Rarity Sniper Creates the Official Praise Pals™ Rarity Index

Marketing: Building Awareness and Trust

  • Growth partnerships with other communities who would like to buy into our collection and/or offer Pals from our vault to their communities.
  • Partnerships with Influencers who agree to purchase Pals and or promote the brand to their audiences. We already have one such deal in place, launching soon.
  • Promotional social campaigns with trusted brands like Rarity Sniper
  • Homegrown Twitter raids, contests, and giveaways

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